Your concept. A sketch, rendering or idea – inspires creative collaboration.

With skilled engineering at the ready to bring decades of experience to the fore.

It’s your vision large, brilliant and alive.

Concept to Digital Model

Kadence offers the complete process from idea generation and fast-moving 3D form development, through to data ready for tooling manufacture and visualisation.  Here’s our current service line-up:

  1. Design Generation – sketch modelling using Blender and Alias Sub D tools. Working alongside our client’s designers to create sub-divisional models true to their vision and design intent.
  2. Design Development – to refine and develop concepts using Alias Sub D and nurbs tools. Incrementally evolving design themes to achieve design sign-off.
  3. ‘A’ Class Surfacing – using ICEM Surf and Alias nurbs surfacing tools to create tooling ready, mathematically perfect surfaces.
  4. Visualisation – creating photo-realistic visual environments using V-red, Blender, Unreal Engine and Twin Motion.

Our expertise, quality and speed of delivery has helped many OEMs achieve critical programme milestones on time and with confidence.

Engineering Services

Our team takes full responsibility for the complete vehicle architecture of client concepts. Combining decades of experience with the latest CAD/CAE simultaneous engineering tools, all aspects of new vehicle engineering design are addressed as the concept matures:

  • Packaging and layout
  • Whole vehicle engineering feasibility
  • Vehicle assembly and manufacturing process feasibility
  • Material selection and weight optimisation

Physical Model Build

Applying aesthetic intelligence, our team of highly experienced clay modelling experts push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of form and shape within the framework of our integrated process:

  • Fast interpretation of ideas
  • Cohesive integration with digital data and CNC processes
  • Premium materials
  • Presentation perfection


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