From turn-key project collaboration to team co‑location, we have the studios, equipment and automotive design and engineering experts to mature your concept into a full-scale model, true to design intent.

We work globally from our flagship design studios and technical centre located in Shanghai, China, and UK-based project management hub.


Utilised by the world’s leading OEMs. Located just ten minutes drive from down-town Shanghai (and only thirty minutes drive from Pudong Airport). Fully secured with the latest surveillance equipment, bio-metric entrance controls and 24/7 security personel; clients are safe in the knowledge that their intellectual property is protected at all times.

Over 1000m² of space dedicated to realising your project:

  • Digital modelling, project management and studio engineering
  • Surface plates, 3 axis and 5 axis milling
  • Creative design and colour & materials studio
  • Secure meeting rooms
  • Boardroom and presentation suite with turn-table
  • Cafe and co-working area


The Kadence Black Projects site is where the visions of the world’s leading automotive designers take physical form and become a reality in a fully secure environment.

Located in close proximity to our Master Studio and hence enjoying close proximity to downtown Shanghai and major transport links, at Kadence Black Projects our expert team create world-class physical models. They do this utilising a potent mix of industry-leading human talent and technological excellence to combine digital input data, CNC milling and clay sculpting by hand to produce truly outstanding physical models. Facilities and equipment include:

  • Secure reception area and coffee shop/kitchen
  • Co-working space for project team
  • 12m surface plate with 2 x 3 axis milling machines
  • Complete set of clay modelling tools and equipment
  • Multiple clay ovens and other related hardware


A place to co-ordinate across disciplines and manage project deliverables.

We welcome our clients to co-locate with our team for the duration of their project, create optimum working efficiency and utilise the dedicated facilities and internal skill sets:

  • Project Management Office
  • CAS and ‘A’ Class Digital modelling
  • Engineering and CAD Design
  • Co-working space
  • Secure meeting and video conference rooms
  • Robust and secure IT network and infrastructure


Located at the center of the UK’s automotive industry heartland, a region globally renowned for engineering excellence, our UK facility provides both state-of-art design and visualisation technology to drive innovation, coupled with outstanding global project management capabilities.

UK facilities include:

  • Leading-edge VR visualisation suite
  • Project team co-working space
  • Digital Design Studio
  • Client meeting and video conference rooms
  • Rapid prototyping and low volume component manufacture


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