When a UK-based premium SUV manufacturer embarked on an ambitious product development plan, challenges related to capacity, resource availability, and acquisition, as well as cost considerations, evolved into a long-term partnership with Kadence.


Responding to market demand for its best-in-class SUV models, the OEM built an ambitious product development plan that required the company to scale up its digital modelling capabilities.

The company faced multiple challenges in executing its plan, including sourcing local and global resources and suppliers with the capacity and relevant expertise. Industry-wide cost and supply chain pressures were also barriers that needed to be overcome, in addition to data security and confidentiality concerns.


The OEM turned to Kadence to scale up its digital modelling capabilities via a retained outsource agreement.

Working on an initial pilot project for 9 months, Kadence deployed its UK-based project management function and China-based A-Class surfacing team to establish a working model that allowed for the seamless and secure execution of work at volume.

The Kadence team was able to action design requests overnight, taking advantage of time zones for maximum efficiency. OEM colleagues were delighted at the complexity, quality, and volume of work Kadence delivered daily, maintaining project momentum.

Throughout the pilot project, the Kadence team’s consistent and timely delivery of high-quality work built trust and confidence with the client OEM. The pilot has since evolved into a decade-long relationship with Kadence continuing to provide A-Class surfacing expertise.


  • Successful deployment of an international team, including Kadence UK project management and global surfacing capabilities, that allowed OEM client to outsource and upscale its digital modelling output.
  • Secure data transfer links.
  • Overnight delivery of accurate, quality design work that kept the project on track and on budget.
  • Established a long-term partnership between Kadence and the client which has lasted a decade.


“The benefits that came with working with Kadence are two-fold.”

“Firstly, we were able to improve the volume and quality of our technical design work in a hugely cost-effective manner at a time when the automotive industry was facing significant challenges from the cost of bringing a product to market. During the pilot project, we learnt that by outsourcing some of our requirements to Kadence, we had found a trusted partner that had the required experience and capabilities we needed in order to successfully execute our ambitious product development plan.”

“Secondly, the speed and rhythm of their work, coupled with the quality of the deliverables and the secure links between the team contributed significantly to keeping our project on track. Often the UK team could send design requirements over to Kadence’s global design team at the end of the working day in the UK and return the next morning to work completed to an exceptionally high standard and ready to move on. This was hugely beneficial to us.”

“Kadence has embedded itself as an extension of our team and we have been delighted to work together on our A Class Surface Design projects for almost 10 years.”


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