A US-based, specialist high-performance automotive manufacturer had developed a design theme for a new hypercar. Within just an 8-week window, the company needed to take its concept from sketch to a feasible full-scale model to present to investors.


Headquartered in California, the client manufactures custom high-performance vehicles for automotive enthusiasts around the world.

The company’s senior management team had a vision to create and bring to market a new hypercar and developed a design theme inspired by its vision for future performance and track-based pedigree. With the concept in place, the company needed a partner that could bring its vision to life, from sketch to feasible full-scale model that would help attract investment to its unique and innovative project. The time window to complete the work was an incredibly tight 8-weeks, a challenge compounded by the global pandemic.


The company turned to Kadence with its global project reach, full range of technical expertise, and model-build experience.

Kadence was able to take the design theme through engineering feasibility, digital model maturation, and ultimately deliver a presentation-standard full-scale model within the given time frame.

By utilising Kadence’s global project management team in the UK, coupled with its international design and engineering team centered on its Shanghai studio, the team had the full range of technical capabilities and facilities to work across multiple time zones and overcome language and cultural barriers, completing the work, and shipping the clay model back to the US in record time.


  • A truly global project management delivery that overcame industry-wide challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, to complete the project on time.
  • A full-scale, presentation-standard model of the hypercar vision shipped to the US.
  • Full range of Kadence capabilities and facilities brought to bear; taking concept sketches through feasibility to concept realisation.


“The global pandemic had a huge impact on product development and innovation, not just within the automotive sector, but across most sectors world-wide.”

“But by having partners such as Kadence, with their global reach, technical capabilities, and infrastructure, we had every confidence that we could launch our ambitious project to develop a brand-new hyper-car successfully.”

“The international nature of the Kadence team and the way they work, coupled with their engineering, design and project management excellence, ensured that we had a feasible full-scale model of our vision within the given timeframe, that we could use to attract investment and push our project, and indeed our business, forward.”


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